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Part of the sales training that we offer our clients in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto involves the use of technology to improve the likelihood of making sales now and in the future.  The latest advances offer many benefits to Salespeople.  In this article, we’ll show you four of them and how they can help you in the sales process.

It’s amazing to see all the tech-friendly sales tools that exist today.  Knowing what each of them does and how they work is an essential part of being a top-producing Salesperson.  Regardless of your experience level, leveraging the benefits of technology allows you stay in touch with new ideas and ways to work with more potential buyers by keeping them engaged and increasing the chances of making a future sale. In many cases, these tools can be used free of charge on a limited basis with a small investment for a more comprehensive program that can be tax-deductible against commissions.  Here are four that I use and recommend to our clients and readers.  Please know that I’m not an affiliate of these companies.

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