PROSALESGUY – The Role Of Influencers In The Sales Process



The sales training we provide our partners in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto goes beyond understanding the role of the decision maker.  Very seldom does the person making the final decision do so without input from other key individuals.  While their involvement is not always easy to see, they’re typically in roles directly related to,  or impacted by,  a major buying decision.  While the buyer might be the one to sign your proposal or give you a purchase order number, the power of influencers can easily sway a decision either way.  Here’s how to make it work in your direction.

Experienced Salespeople who have lost their fair share of deals have learned many techniques over the years.  Some come naturally, yet many are based on making mistakes and learning from them.  This is sales training from the street.  It’s difficult to deal with because no one wants to lose a sale, however, the practicality of it makes for some of the best learning opportunities you’ll have in your career.  Great Salespeople will claim they’ve made many and have the scars to prove it.

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