UZEB have today’s almost forgotten track

I only got to see UZEB once, and that was in Kiplings, a bar now long gone in London ON…the fact they were playing a bar, even one so prestigious as Kiplings, surprised me, as by that time the band was already touring the world, playing in Europe, Australia, Japan, and almost everywhere else where their brand of jazz fusion was appreciated…they could fill concert halls anywhere in their native Canada, but, for some reason, if they were going to stay at home had to play the occasional club gig just to keep the cash flow happening…everyone in the band was a master at their instrument and, when the dust settles, I’m certain that they will be recognised as one of the finest bands this nation ever produced, and this clip might help explain why…


Greg Simpson

Greg Simpson firmly believes his career in the music industry officially began on March 14, 1965 when a band gave him ten dollars as commission for helping them find a gig. He hasn’t looked back since then and looks forward to celebrating his fiftieth in 2015 with an enormous party paid for by the hundreds of dollars he’s made since then. His career has covered all aspects from radio for many years, and including working for record labels, artists and, since 1992, Canadian Music Week where he programs the radio stream and manages all conference streams and events in real time annually. He also attends half a dozen conferences a year doing research for CMW and is generally accepted as a knowledgeable cat with a few stories to tell. At the root of it all, though, is his undying love for music and musicians.

Published on September 30, 2018 at 9:05 pm by Greg Simpson


October 1, 2018 - 9:56 am

Marke Driesschen

Wow Greg! I thought I was the only one in this country outside Quebec who knew about this group! I’m still a huge fan. During my time at FM 103 in Saskatoon ( now known as C95) I not only did the morning show but I also did a weekly jazz show. That’s when I first heard of Uzeb. They were incredible and they were frequently played on my show. Sadly, I never got to see them live, but I did get to meet & interview guitarist Michel Cusson when he came through town for a guitar workshop. I’ve always considered Alain Caron (who still records) to be one of the best bass players on the planet and I managed to see him a couple of times when he toured with guitarist Mike Stern.
Also, this song you’re featuring….I used it in my opening and closing billboards for my daily entertainment segment when I was at CKND TV in Winnipeg!
Thanks for giving them some much deserved attention!

October 6, 2018 - 8:52 am

Greg Simpson

Thanks Marke, and you might be surprised how many fans there are for this band outside QC…not enough to fill a hockey rink, for sure, but if they were to tour in the west I daresay they’d still sell out smaller venues and go home with money in their pockets…

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