The Velvet Underground have today’s almost forgotten track

I have always found this song unnerving…as a radio programmer at Top 40 when it came out there was no way it could get to air…as a consumer of great music at home, there was no way I could ignore it…though I knew people who dabbled in the subject matter, I was never, ever, on a path towards anything so self-destructive, and this song aided me in that resolve…but, other than the song’s subject, I’m taking a moment today to suggest that there was probably never a band so influential who sold so few records the first time around as The Velvet Underground…they were challenging, obviously and, for those of us beginning to embrace progressive rock, perhaps a little too rough around the edges to move up our priority ladder…I do recall seeing them play once at Varsity Stadium and experienced most around me yelling at them to get off the stage, and shouting for a drum solo from Maureen Tucker as her only onstage equipment, if I remember correctly, was a snare and a pair of sticks…as time has gone by, and because of the major artists who so transparently drew upon them for inspiration, VU now stands alongside the other most influential bands of the 60s, and few would argue that they aren’t among the top five in that sense.


Greg Simpson

Greg Simpson firmly believes his career in the music industry officially began on March 14, 1965 when a band gave him ten dollars as commission for helping them find a gig. He hasn’t looked back since then and looks forward to celebrating his fiftieth in 2015 with an enormous party paid for by the hundreds of dollars he’s made since then. His career has covered all aspects from radio for many years, and including working for record labels, artists and, since 1992, Canadian Music Week where he programs the radio stream and manages all conference streams and events in real time annually. He also attends half a dozen conferences a year doing research for CMW and is generally accepted as a knowledgeable cat with a few stories to tell. At the root of it all, though, is his undying love for music and musicians.


Published on September 10, 2018 at 9:05 pm by Greg Simpson


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