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We’re constantly providing sales tips to our sales training colleagues in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto.  We’re happy to pass many of them on to our blog readers.  Here’s one of the most important.  Face to face meetings are always the best way to establish strong relationships with buyers.  Shaking your buyer’s hand and attaching a face to his or her voice always makes a difference no matter how many years you’ve known them.  What do you do when distance doesn’t make that possible?  Web conferencing is a great solution.

Most of our sales training is done remotely across Canada.  Living on Vancouver Island, we serve a client base that extends to most major Canadian cities.  While Group Sales Training often is done on-site, our sales coaching is exclusively done via web conferencing.  In fact, many of our clients see the benefit of this and soon adopt this form of technology in their own customer relationship management.


The Benefits Of Web Conferencing



  • Web-conferencing has come a long way in the past few years.  With the technological advances made, it’s almost as good as being in your client’s office across from their desk.  High definition video and audio options can make web sessions a pleasure.  You can take your buyer through a presentation, share your screen with them and even make them the presenter to have all same privileges applied in reverse.
  • Based on which platform and options you select, you can invite groups of people and even have them join the session via laptop, tablet or cell phone providing they have a high-speed internet connection.  While you should be aware that data charges may apply via cell, asking someone to use headphones in a quiet area offering free wi-fi is a good solution.

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