PROSALESGUY – Tired Of Clients Shopping Your Proposal?


We’ve all been there before.  We invest time, energy and expertise into preparing our proposal or quote and then get the sinking feeling that our buyer is shopping it with the competition for a better price.  This is often a topic of discussion with our sales training clients in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto.  How do we prevent that from happening?

As Professional Salespeople, we strive to give our clients the best in everything we do.  It’s part of the commitment we make in getting and keeping their business.  This often requires specialized work requiring time, creativity and expertise in devising the best solution to meet the buyer’s needs and solve their problems.  It can be unnerving if not downright upsetting to think that a competitor could just copy our hard work, undercut our price and win the sale.

Many Salespeople feel that there’s not much you can do to stop this and resign themselves to accept that it’s part of the job.  Over the years I’ve learned that there are safeguards that can be taken to ensure most of the “shopping around” can be prevented.


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