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When providing sales training to our clients in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto, we’re constantly asked for our opinion on the development of Salespeople.  Sales Managers know the benefits of having a highly skilled team in great sales performance and minimizing client and employee attrition.  Developing Salespeople is no easy task given the nature and personality of each individual.  What works well for one person may not have the same impact on another.  Here’s a 3-step process that is working well for our partners.

These 3 steps are sequential and should be followed in order to provide the framework for success.  Skipping steps or not investing the time and attention required in each will not payoff for the Salesperson or Sales Manager and will hinder the ability to exceed sales targets.  I’m interested in hearing your comments based on your personal sales experience at the end of this blog.

Developing Salespeople – Step 1:  Nurture

This step is foundation of sales development.  Avoiding it means Steps 2 and 3 will having nothing to stand on.  The ability to nurture talent is a prerequisite in any performance-based role: sales, sports, music.  If you want to develop talent to its highest potential, you must provide a fertile environment for growth to occur.  Here’s what that means in sales:

  • Provide Salespeople with an understanding of the team’s sales beliefs and best practices for success.  Here are some great examples – consultative selling, representing the client’s best interests and providing a high level of service.  Ask your Sales Team to participate in creating best practices that are the action steps of your beliefs.  What does consultative selling mean to them?  Asking great questions to determine client needs, active listening skills and creative problem solving are all tangible activities that provide clarity to your beliefs.  Responding to web inquiries within an hour is a great practice that makes a statement to potential buyers and Salespeople.


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