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The drive to compete is a sales attribute we look for when training Salespeople in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto.  This trait distinguishes top producing individuals from core performers and sets them apart from the pack.  For Sales Managers, identifying competitive Salespeople is no different than coaches looking for quality athletes when building a top-notch team.  Here’s how you can recognize these performers and bring out the best in them.

Whenever we talk about the ability to compete, watching the reaction from Salespeople always tells you a lot about their perspective on the subject.  Before you picture images of dog-eat-dog and a workplace where co-workers take advantage of the person in the next cubicle to make a buck, allow me to explain the concept of constructive competition.

Constructive Competition

Here’s an easy way to understand the definition.  Competition is an environment where Salespeople are encouraged and given the opportunity to progressively win and beat expectations.  Constructive competition brings out the best in performers.  It pushes them to always want to do better and never be satisfied with average performance.  Ask a competitive Salesperson how they feel about the word average and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

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