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Are you a B2B or B2C Salesperson always looking to improve your time management abilities?  One of our most popular sales training Workshops in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton and Calgary will give you insight into some useful techniques that help you become more efficient in planning your day.  Better prioritization means delivering on timely commitments and handling more customers in your sales funnel.  Here are 10 Sales Tips for Better Time Management.


1.  Better Time Management Means Planning Tomorrow At The End Of Today

This gives you a head start on the day before it even starts.   Your last calendar appointment each day should be with yourself to look at tomorrow’s schedule and do what it takes to plan it.  It’s a much smarter idea than doing it first thing in the morning and being the victim of phone calls, emails and hallway conversations.

2.  Respond – Don’t React – Think Before You Act!

When your doctor uses a small mallet on your knee, your leg responds with the reflex action of going up.  It takes no mental energy for this to occur.  Prioritization of your tasks does.  If you’re working on an email or presentation, you still likely would answer your phone.  Getting sidetracked to take care of any necessary tasks coming from that call is a decision that requires your thought to allow it.

Salespeople will often rationalize that the task will only take a minute.  It seldom does.  A conversation with a co-worker then turns into a discussion on another unrelated topic.  When you get back to your computer, you ask the question “Now what was I working on?”  Sound familiar?  You are in control of this decision.  See Tip #3.


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Do you have any personal suggestions on time management?  The more we share, the more we learn together!  If you’re a Salesperson who believes in making a consistent commitment to learning new skills, check out our book  SHUT UP!  Stop Talking and Start Making Money available on Kindle and paperback on Amazon or our online sales training program The Sales Skills Incubator.  Take the free trial on Chapter 1 – The Stigma of Sales.

If you’re a Sales Manager in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton or Calgary  looking for sales training, give us a call at 250-339-3355 or email [email protected]  We design fully individualized sales training programs for our clients.



Dave Warawa – PROSALESGUY 


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