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What’s an empath?  It’s a person with the uncanny ability to understand the mental or emotional state of another individual.  We’ve always stated the importance of using empathy in our sales training sessions in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto.  Understanding people’s feelings is one of the key attributes of successful Salespeople.  Empaths do it better than everyone else.  Are you one?  Read on and find out.

The Consultative Sales Process Focuses On Using Five Success Skills

  1. Asking Great Questions:  This is the basis of needs analysis.  Great Questions = Great Answers
  2. Actively Listening:  Listening to the words and feelings expressed by the decision maker
  3. Paraphrasing:  Repeating what the buyer said in your words for clarity in communication
  4. Summarizing a Client’s Full Needs:  Capturing everything that the client is looking to achieve
  5. Projecting a Positive Personality:  Having fun, smiling and enjoying using the first four skills

Where Empathy Fits In

In the process of using these five skills, your ability to sense what your buyer is feeling is a large step toward understanding the client needs and motivators.  It’s a major catalyst in establishing rapport, confidence, trust and respect in a client’s mind.  Empathy puts you in the client’s world seeing it from their perspective with little to no regard for your personal feelings with what’s being talked about and shared.  Successful Salespeople invest time in developing their ability to empathize with what a buyer is expressing to them.


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Dave Warawa – PROSALESGUY 


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