PROSALESGUY – Are You A Pushy Or Persistent Salesperson?


All of our sales training clients in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto constantly wrestle with the difference between being a pushy or persistent Salesperson.  While we know the key to success is to be persistent, when does that self-discipline get misinterpreted from the buyer’s perspective as being over-the-top?

Think of all of the areas of the sales process that involve persistence on the part of a Salesperson:

  • Prospecting for appointments with new potential buyers
  • Trying to get all decision makers in a room together
  • Attempting to deal with dysfunctional buying committees
  • Dealing with buyers who say they aren’t happy with their supplier but won’t change
  • Knowing the difference between who has the title and who has the audience
  • Dealing with clients who have been misinformed
  • Decision makers who have all the answers
  • Trying to get decision makers to return calls and emails on proposals presented
  • Convincing buyers who are the perfect match for your proposal

That’s a long list of obstacles and roadblocks in your way.  Each of these topics is a great blog article alone.  Self-discipline and tenacity are required to best deal with them.  While it’s easy to give up and move on, we have all been beaten by a top-producing Salesperson who knew how to deal with these issues creatively and who ended up making a sale.

Your Approach

The single biggest factor in your success is how you handle these challenges and communicate with your client.  Experienced Salespeople know they have to be tactful, diplomatic and direct in their positioning.   You don’t want to sound like the last dozen Salespeople that were given the brush-off by a decision maker who doesn’t have time to invest with every person who thinks they can help them. In order to come across as persistent versus pushy use the techniques below depending on the situation.

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Dave Warawa – PROSALESGUY 


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