Mitch Ryder has today’s almost forgotten track

This “minor” little song managed to become a hit three times, although never a monster hit so it’s quite possible that none of them still receive airplay…the first time it came through it was via The Righteous Brothers, before Portland’s Kingsmen took a stab at it…but both of those were leading up to this man’s recording of Little Latin Lupe Lu, which I always found the most exciting…Mitch Ryder, who I’ve had the pleasure to see live twice, is the real thing…an incredible vocalist and always with an amazing band behind him…this band isn’t his but, rather, a gathering of some of the best players from his hometown of Detroit, but, as they all grew up with Mitch as a role model, they get the track down quite well indeed…


Greg Simpson

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January 11, 2018 - 4:22 pm

Rocker Rich

Mitch Ryder and Keith Richards. Two wasted wastrels who long topped lists of rockers-most-likely-to-expire. Yet all these years later, both are still around. (Touch wood.)

Whether Mitch sports the beloved-pirate-granddad image of Keef remains to be seen. Hopefully—though not having Richards’ huge fortune—Mitch has cleaned up from the staggering wreck I witnessed perform in the ‘70s at a Vancouver club. Think it was probably The Body Shop, but wherever the gig, Mitch just radiated a dead-eyed darkness. (Although, to be fair, he didn’t seem to forget any lyrics).

Keep on keepin’ on, Mr. Ryder. You too, Keef.

January 11, 2018 - 8:51 pm


Great Tune and a Great Performance! Always amazes me how so many of the Older Vocalists can still Rock! Would make the effort to see Mitch, a great Entertainer!

Detroit has had some tough times but it is slowly fighting back.I was there for two days last Dec and I made an effort to get around at night. A lot of History there!

Unfortunately we have lost several of the Funk Bros over the past few years.

Body Shop and Starving Marvin’s, two of my favorites.

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