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Our sales training focus in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary always has a common denominator – B2B Salespeople want to know how to convince decision makers to pay a higher price for their quality product.   In a world that seems bottom-line price oriented, it can be a challenge to answer the question  ”Why would I buy your product when your competitor is offering virtually the same thing for far less?”  Here’s how to instill the value that’s required for the buyer to justify the extra investment to do business with you.

You’ve heard it so many times.  “Your prices are way too high.”  The solution rests on selling the value of your offer.  Tough buyers will even respond with the comeback “Look, if your product wasn’t of decent quality, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”  This can easily send an experienced Salesperson back to his or her Sales Manager asking for a deep discount to make the sale.  Success in dealing with this objection comes  before your client even has the opportunity to raise the concern.

If you’ve been reading the PROSALESGUY BLOG, you know that the best time to fight an objection is before the buyer voices it – see How Great Salespeople Deal With Price Objections.  This allows the decision maker to consciously answer the question in their own mind.  It’s almost as if they are doing your job for you, rationalizing why the higher price is a smart investment.  Let’s give you more tools to build value and perhaps hear price objections less often.

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If you are interested in learning new sales techniques, please feel free to check out our online program  The Sales Skills Incubator or our book  SHUT UP!  Stop Talking and Start Making Money.  If you’re a Sales Manager wanting to invest in your team, contact us for fully customized training and coaching.



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