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In Part One of our post, we shared many incentive-based techniques we’ve created for our sales training partners in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria.  Let’s give you some specific examples to get everyone motivated to drive sales.

If you missed it, here is Part One of  Driving Sales with the Right Culture Click the link to learn the reasons why customer service staff can help your Salespeople make more sales.

Incentives For All Staff

You don’t have to break the bank to provide incentives for all staff.  Here are a few suggestions that have worked well with our clients.  Consider sharing these with your staff.  Call a meeting and make the announcement that you want everyone to be rewarded for increasing sales, not just the sales team.


  • Offer an extra day off or gift card for customer service above and beyond the call of duty Giving a client what they deserve is part of what’s required to remain competitive in the marketplace.  Management needs to use their discretion and reward employees for the right behavior.  Allow the day off to be taken before or after a long weekend for added impact.  Buying a gift card to the person’s favorite store means you cared enough to ask the question and make the effort.


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