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While we expect Salespeople to drive sales, we encourage our sales training partners in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton and Calgary to entice all staff to become sales-minded.  This can be a great source of new business development by identifying the personal motivators of employee recognition and rewards.  It encourages everyone to have a customer-focused attitude and look for opportunities to grow company sales as a team.

No one would argue this point – regardless of job description, we are all indirectly employed in Sales.  The only difference between team members is how we are paid for the work we perform.

The job description for Salespeople is simple to understand – you will be evaluated and paid according to your ability to close sales. The motivator comes in the form of a commission or bonus based on performance.

How Can This Be Applied To All Employees?

Why restrict the ability to become sales-minded to commissioned Salespeople?  Why not create a sales motivated culture with all staff?  While each person in your company possesses specific talents to perform their given task, many of them are in direct contact with clients and part of the customer experience.

Surprisingly, often the highest levels of customer interaction comes from employees with non-sales roles.  Here are a few examples.  See if any of these apply to your company.

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Feel free to investigate our six-month Sales Management Training Program.  If you’re a Professional Salesperson wanting the skills of a top-producer, please feel free to check out our online program The Sales Skills Incubator or our book  SHUT UP!  Stop Talk and Start Making Money.


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