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Do you remember your first sales call as a Professional Salesperson?  We were discussing this with our sales training partners in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria recently.  What was your most important goal in that meeting?  As one Salesperson told me “I just wanted to get through it without throwing up!”   Other than holding down breakfast, what did you want to accomplish with the decision maker?

Feeling nervous and intimidated on that first call as a Salesperson is a very good sign.  It shows that we care and want to do go a good job.  Our fear is the decision maker will quickly realize that we are new to the role and we’ll say something stupid and lose the opportunity to do business with the buyer.

What Did You Do Before Your First Sales Call?

You prepared.  You thought about the agenda for the call.  You asked your Sales Manager for the history of the account and decision maker you were meeting.  You made a list of questions you wanted to ask and anticipated what questions you might be asked.  You practiced your talking points and delivery.  If you did these well, you probably had a great call and walked out feeling good about the meeting.

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