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Dealing with price objections is one of the biggest hurdles that our sales training partners in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary deal with on a consistent basis.  Salespeople representing high quality providers must be skilled in handling buyers who always want a deal.  Fierce competition, online discounters and a troubled economy can make us nervous to say no.  How should you handle this objection?

“Your competition is willing to sell me their product, which they say is very similar, for a lot lower than you. So what are you going do for me?”  Every buyer will word it differently, yet the message is the same.  Lower the price or run the risk of losing the business.  In a tougher economy, this possibility will even make seasoned veterans nervous.  Who’s bluffing, telling the truth and being sincere about their claim and motivation?


When To Deal With Price Objections

If you are dealing with this objection as a Salesperson representing a high-quality provider, then you may not have done the best job of representing your company from the outset.  When is the best time to fight an objection?  Before it occurs!  Do this successfully and you will take away much of the power of the price objection because the buyer may not choose to voice it to you.  He or she may counter it in their own mind without having the need to bring it up.  Even if they do, knowing how you will respond may cause them to them to be more accepting of your explanation.

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