Consultants Roundtable at Canadian Music Week April 20th

Jim JJ Johnston

JJ Johnston is looking for people to join the consultants roundtable on April 20 at 8:15 AM at Canadian Music Week. We know it is early in the day but hey, if there is one session you have to go to it’s this one. All the best radio brains from around the world will be there, just ready for the picking, plus at that session they will be presenting the Alan Waters Young Broadcast award in memory of the legendary Steve Young.

Jesse Modz

This years winner is Jesse Modz, who is joining the CJAY 92 morning show from HTZ-FM St. Catharines.

So if this sounds interesting please mark it in your calendars and enjoy.



Published on April 9, 2017 at 7:16 pm by Brian Cook


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