PROSALESGUY – Two Must-Read Sales Books


Driving revenue is always the focus of our sales training clients in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary.  The commitment to reading is a leading attribute of all top performing Salespeople and Sales Managers.  There is a direct connection between your commitment to self-education and the ability to be a great Salesperson.  Here are two books that you need to add to your collection with my reviews of them.

You can always spot the top producers in any company.  These are the people qualified to add the word “Professional” before their role of “Salesperson.”   What do professionals do?  Skilled experts make a commitment to the things that they feel are essential.  Continuous growth and learning when combined with an open-minded philosophy leads you to attempting new sales techniques and ways of approaching your client base.   If you’re not advancing your skill set, know that your competition is.

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These are two great books that you will want in your sales library.  They deal with the psychology of selling offering consultative Salespeople an in-depth look at sales success based on extensive research and analytics.   Each will offer you new sales techniques.   I’d love to hear your opinion on them.

If an online sales training program is more appealing to you, check out our program The Sales Skills Incubator.  Our book SHUT UP!  Stop Talking and Starting Making Money offers B2B and B2C Salespeople new to the industry and experienced veterans a practical, customer-focused sales approach.   Click the links and start making more sales today!


Dave Warawa – PROSALESGUY 

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