PROSALESGUY – How To Deal With The Hurry Up B2B Sales Proposal


Our sales training clients in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary deal with this challenge on a regular basis – the “hurry-up and do your best with limited information” proposal.  It usually comes from a new inquiry where someone has the task of gathering information on a tight timeline.  He or she may know little in the way of specific client needs and unfortunately, has no decision-making ability.  The turnaround time is tight and you’ve been told to submit your proposal quickly.  What do you do?


Consultative Salespeople are compelled to ask many questions to best understand the needs of their client.  That’s what their proposal is based on.  We all want to do a great job to show a new client that we have the professionalism to earn their business, so when we get a hurry-up request, it can be quite unnerving.


The Questions We Ask Ourselves

Here’s the frustration higher-end end B2B suppliers are faced with in this dilemma:

  • What kind of proposal do I create with limited information?
  • What chance of success do I have with a near-blind submission?
  • How many hours of work might we devote to this to lose to a supplier with a lower price?
  • What happens if my proposal requires major revision based on the true needs of the client?
  • What if those revisions cause the investment to increase?
  • What if the client expects us to stick to price and do sub-standard work?

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Dave Warawa – PROSALESGUY 



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