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The 10 Best Ways To Motivate Salespeople

Our sales training clients in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto are always trying to find creative ways to motivate their Salespeople.  What works best?  Higher commission rates, group and individual incentives?  Don’t think that Salespeople are only motivated by cash.  There are many great management techniques to empower your people and bring out the best in them.

A team of highly motivated Salespeople is a pleasure to watch.  Their positivity and expectancy breeds success.  It creates its own sales inertia and keeps the machine moving in the right direction.  Here are the 10 best ways to build momentum and motivate your Salespeople.

#1 – Tie Incentives To Company Needs

What does your company need to focus on this year to increase sales?  New business development from new clients, selling multi-line products to existing customers or perhaps developing new business from non-traditional sources?  Find out exactly where the new sweet spot is for the best results and create an incentive plan for Salespeople encouraging them to focus their time and energy on that task.

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