Kristen Jade is off to Calgary

Today Kristen Jade posted on her facebook page that she was leaving JR-FM and The Peak to move to Calgary to join sister station 101.5 Kool FM. She will be doing the afternoon show with Jeff Holland on February 2nd. She was with the Vancouver cluster for 4 years joining as a rookie, and moving her way to the afternoon slot in Calgary. Over the last year or so there has been big changes in Calgary at both Pattison owned stations. Flipping The Peak to Wild and also making several changes to the on air lineup at Kool. It looks like February should be the last of the changes. Kristen will roundout the on air staff at Kool, and the new morning show at Wild will be starting around the same time. Jonathan Best and Heather Prosak will be the new morning show at Wild soon.

Speaking of changes in the Pattison group The Peak Vancouver is running on a smaller staff right now, as Mark Drelich (Mark D) returned to Edmonton and Now Radio. He came to Vancouver for 3 months or so to fill in at The Peak. There will be a new morning team starting sometime in the spring. Once the new morning team is brought in I expect to see the on air team finally settle in. Looks like we are finally seeing the end of the changes and the finalization of on air teams in Calgary and Edmonton.

Congratulations Kristen, I know you will do great things in Calgary

Published on January 23, 2017 at 8:26 pm by Brian Cook


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