PROSALESGUY – The Six Levels of Sales Questioning Part Two

Six Levels of Questioning

Our sales training clients in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto believe that making more sales rests on the ability of their Salespeople to ask great questions.  In last week’s PROSALESGUY BLOG, we shared the first three levels of questioning – Discovery, Pain/Reward and Paraphrase Questions.  Let’s educate you on the last three – Significance, Realization and Action Questions.

In the first three levels of questioning, communication and understanding was key.  When a buyer is convinced of a Salesperson’s sincerity and authenticity to see their world from their eyes, trust is the natural outcome.

Level #4:  Sales Questioning Significance Questions

What are they?  Questions that cause both the Salesperson and decision maker to discuss the significance of removing the pain or considering the reward in the way they do something.  While the significance may at times be obvious, mentioning it helps both parties agree that there is worth in the current discussion.  “I can appreciate the significance of this…Help me understand the significance of this” are good examples.

What’s their trust level?  Higher levels of trust, as the answers to these questions are usually emotionally based for the decision maker.

What do they achieve?  The relationship develops further as the Salesperson continues to make the decision the center of all focus with still no solution or product selling.

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