PROSALESGUY – The Six Levels of Sales Questioning Part One


Six Level of Sales QuestioningAll of our sales training clients in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto are learning the Six Levels of Sales Questioning.  We thought it would be a great idea to share it as a two-part series with other Salespeople because of its widespread application.  We’ve all experienced the frustration of waiting for an answer from a decision maker who seems disengaged after appearing so eager to do business with us.  If this happens to you, then use The Six Levels of Sales Questioning to assist in developing a sense of sales intuition.  Here’s Part One.

We have all been there many times before.  After doing a thorough needs analysis and proposal, we continue to chase a client with repeated messages and emails trying to get a response.  When we finally do get resolution, the answer is no for a host of different reasons – we decided to stay with our current provider, we’re going in a different direction or we’d like to consider your proposal at a later time.  They all leave us with the same feeling.

So, what happened?

Even if you ask your decision maker this question, you probably won’t get an answer that will appease you.  It may be just another version of what you’ve already been told.  This leads all of us to scratch our heads and wonder – What changed?  How did a client who appeared ready to say yes suddenly become disengaged?  What did you miss?  Consider that you may not have done something wrong – you simply didn’t do something right.

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