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Our sales training clients in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary invest in the growth of their Salespeople to increase their sales.  Improving their ability in each step of the B2B (Business to Business) sales cycle is the key to reaching that goal.  Here’s a breakdown of our work with them and what you might be able to apply to your specific sales situation.



Step #1 Of The Sales Cycle – The Prospecting Call

This is still the best way to get appointments.  Decision makers get too many emails to notice one from a Salesperson who is trying to pitch them product.  Most Salespeople hate prospecting phone calls because they’ve never been trained how to do them properly.  The purpose of the call is to book an appointment with a decision maker to do a complete needs analysis and start to build a trusted relationship.

What do the Top Salespeople Do?   They create a new business engagement strategy and have the self-discipline to follow it through.   This includes making a commitment to prospecting on a consistent weekly basis by scheduling an appointment in their calendars.  They avoid rescheduling the appointment even when a key account asks to see them by suggesting some alternatives.  While they may choose to network by using LinkedIn, asking for referrals from existing clients,  and getting involved in their community, top Salespeople know that picking up the phone to consistently prospect leads to a full sales funnel.


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Many Salespeople have reached out to us for individual sales training online. The Sales Skills Incubator will launch this summer. If you’d like to know more about it, please send us a quick email at [email protected].

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