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Isolated stopwatch.Our sales training clients in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton are continually asking their customers for feedback on the experience of dealing with them.  No doubt, every company wants to know how they can improve the customer experience.  Here’s how to get a high completion rate on your surveys with the answer to the most important question – will you recommend us?

Check your inbox – there’s a good chance you’ll find a customer survey.  I actually make a commitment to complete the ones where I have either had a great experience or feel I could make some recommendations that would help.  Feedback is a two-way street.  Bad experiences should not be the only motivator to make your opinion known.



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Many Salespeople have reached out to us for individual sales training online. The Sales Skills Incubator will launch this summer. If you’d like to know more about it, please send us a quick email at [email protected].

Dave Warawa – PROSALESGUY 

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