PROSALESGUY – Are Your Buyers Always Asking For Extra Value?

Value Add

Our sales training clients in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary are constantly dealing with this issue.  Every decision maker wants to get more for their dollar.  As Salespeople, we are inclined to offer a product or service with a low hard cost that will still be viewed worthwhile in the eyes of our clients.  While no one likes giving away stuff for free, having an extra value strategy makes sense to best deal with the requests.  Top-producing Salespeople create one that costs little to nothing while still being a huge enticement to decision makers.  Here’s how.

The concept of extra value is usually mentioned by a client firmly engaged in the sales cycle.  A proper Customer Needs Analysis has been completed by a Salesperson.  The decision maker is reasonably convinced that the product or service offered meets their needs and is worth consideration.  Smart Salespeople have learned through experience that preparation and advance planning are the key to best dealing with value-added requests.


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