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Is it more important for my staff to like me or respect me?  This is the question that all Smart Sales Managers ask of themselves.  Your answer will greatly depend on your management style.  I have another question – Who says you have to decide between the two?

This was a recent discussion with one of my online sales training colleagues in Edmonton.  The two of us have known each other for many years and have very similar philosophies.  Here’s what we decided upon.

The Smart Manager Chooses Both Respect And Like

When most people are given no alternative, they tend to choose respect.  The sentiment is that respect from your staff is an important part of being a manager.  When people respect you, they are making a statement.  You are worthy of their admiration.  For a manager, this is a personal endorsement that carries great impact.  It means that your staff will listen to you and take your advice and direction with credibility.   Very true!

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Coming In 2016

Based on requests from individual Salespeople, we will be releasing our first online self-paced sales training program in 2016.  It will be very affordable and based on the content that you read in this Blog.  Stay tuned in the new year for more information on it.

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  1. Hey Dave, I do enjoy your posts here on psr. I’ll certainly be looking forward to participating in your first online self-paced sales training program coming up in the new year!


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