PROSALESGUY – Five Steps To Get Your Sales Proposals Accepted

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A vital part of the sales cycle for B2B Salespeople rests on the creation and presentation of the sales proposal.  Based on the true needs of your client, the proposal is the culmination of the hard work, patience, and talent of the Salesperson.  When crafted with skill and diligence, your written proposal has the ability to be accepted without any consideration given to a competitor.

I’ve had the pleasure of writing sales training and marketing proposals for clients in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton and Calgary for the past 25 years.  In my B2B selling experience, the true product we offer is expertise, knowledge and consultative services of knowing to position ourselves uniquely with Salespeople, Sales Managers and Business owners.  We teach our clients how to fast track the decision making process.

In this PROSALESGUY BLOG, I’m happy to reveal my Five Steps to allow you to work cooperatively with your clients to create proposals that get accepted quickly without competitive comparison.

While I know that may seem like a bold statement, this has been repeatedly my experience.  Before I detail this strategy, please take the time to understand the philosophy of writing a strong proposal that gets accepted.

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Dave Warawa, owner of PROSALESGUY TRAINING Inc.






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