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Every Salesperson wants to make a sale – as many as possible, over and over again.  We live for it and are measured by our ability to convince buyers and decision makers to agree to do business with us.  Consider that when you make one sale, you have actually sold two products.

Sales is a tough job.  That’s why many companies have unusually high staff turnover rates on their sales floor.  While the formula for success is not hard to understand, persistence and self-discipline are required to be a consistent top producer.

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Dave Warawa, owner of PROSALESGUY TRAINING Inc.


  1. Hey Dave, another great post!
    I appreciate that you’re here on Puget Sound because, we must never forget what the free market is all about and Sales is what keeps things ticking, alive and well and strengthen our economies. Keep up the good work. I too, bought a copy of your book on Amazon and highly recommend Everyone in or related to Sales. This includes people in Programming and Production. They need to know and understand and work together to achieve the kind of results you talk about. Good Read

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