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We have come to a realization.  For the past three years, our company has offered sales training and sales consulting services across British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.  We have worked with many clients, all in different business categories – agriculture, media, advertising and marketing, oil and gas supply, product distribution, manufacturing and hospitality.  Despite the diversity, our efforts have brought us to a common sales and business realization.  It’s probably one that you as a Professional Salesperson, or your business, is experiencing…

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Dave Warawa, owner of PROSALESGUY TRAINING Inc., Author of Shut Up!  Stop Talking and Start Making Money available in paperback or Kindle on and


  1. Hey Dave,
    I had an opportunity to get your book off Amazon. Good Read!
    Although I posted on your thread before the new format, it’s great to see you bringing this vital service to the broadcast industry via PSR. Believe me, I know many who follow you. Your book hits home on so many targets which seem to have fallen by the wayside in many sales departments today, I might add, that doesn’t just include broadcasting.
    All the best with the selling of the book, which I highly recommend…
    Thanks and keep up the good battle. You’re truly an inspiration

  2. Duncan, I appreciate your comments and feedback. The formula for sales success is quite transferable between industries. It’s really common sense. Be NICE to everyone – not just the person who makes the final decision, SHUT UP and LISTEN to what the client is telling you and above all – Have the INTEGRITY to only suggest what you have sincerity and conviction in. That has and will always be THE CREED of the PROFESSIONAL SALESPERSON. Thanks for taking the time to comment!


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