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Posted by: TurnTable3, March 25, 2012, 3:00pm
Terry David Mulligan : Hosted, Toasted and Royally Roasted

courtesy Glen Livingstone at
The Southern Ontario-Western New York radio website

posted March 25, 2012, 12:34 am


It was cold in Vancouver on Friday night.

Deuced cold.

It was, in fact, a perfect night to get roasted - and if your name happened to be Terry David Mulligan and you found yourself sitting in a corner table at Federico's Supper Club on Commercial Drive, then buddy, you came to the right place.

Terry, you see, is a veritable West Coast institution.

Many would say that he belongs in one - an institution, that is - but we won't say it ... that would be cruel.

At a Celebrity Roast, you'd best leave the cruelty to the professionals. They know how to dish, and with Terry's multi-leveled career path spanning fifty years as a radio/tv broadcaster, actor, celebrity interviewer and most recently, man-about-wine - they had plenty of material to choose from.

Local comedian Patrick Maliha hosted the event and the roasters included Bob Robertson and Linda Cullen, Breakfast Televison co-host Jody Vance, Urban Rush's Fiona Forbes, CKNW's Dave Pratt, Province newspaper columnist Glen Schaefer (who co-wrote Terry's recent memoir "Mulligan's Stew: My Life ... So Far"), and comedians Tanyalee Davis and Carter Hortie.

Although the jokes at Terry's expense came fast and furious, it was all in fun and for a good cause.

Partial proceeds from the event will be donated to The Greater Vancouver Food Bank, a charity close to Terry's heart.

This was the first Celebrity Comedy Roast held at Frederico's and judging from the reaction of the packed house, it was a huge success.

A rumour was floated that the next one is already in the planning stages with the roastee being none other than legendary Vancouver broadcaster Red Robinson.

We'll have to wait and see.

Oh, and speaking of Red, even though he did not make a personal appearance at Terry's roast Friday evening, he did send along a video that closed off the night's razzing.

"Terry, Red said, looming over the crowd from the restaurant's two giant screens, "Sorry I couldn't be at your roast this evening, but I'd like to leave you with these three little words ..."

I'll keep you guessing as to what those words were, but suffice to say that after saying them Red was laughing so hard that he fell backwards into his chair.

The crowd, applauding wildly, rose to their feet.

A perfect ending to a fun evening.

See much more at the SOWNY website,
Posted by: 3367 (Guest), March 26, 2012, 5:56am; Reply: 1
Okay, so I'm a bit thick...what were the three words? Something clever or just the obvious f**k you stuff.
Hopefully not, from a line-up of supposedly "professionals".
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